Art Corona 2020 (160cm x 160cm)


Mr. William 2020 (50cm x 40cm)


Sommer Face 2018 3x (80cm x 60cm)

Einstein 2020 (70cm x 50cm)








Safety in Art through 4ARTechnologies


With explosions of radiant color that fill the room, Nicoleta’s artwork is a full expression of how she sees the world.
However, Nicoleta’s art is about more than just the immediate. The more you explore her art, the more complex her pieces become.
Viewers end up discovering endless details that are at first easily overlooked,
as what you see initially as abstract multicolored shapes turn suddenly into a face or a figure.
This makes her art seem different every time you see it, and the deeper you go into her world the less you want to leave.
Abstract pieces like this one are Nicoleta’s signature. What at first looks like a straightforward love letter to her home, Berlin, turns into
something more idiosyncratic and complex. Nicoleta has been living in Berlin for over 25 years and with having her work exhibited all over Europe,
she understands how complicated it can be dealing with galleries or clients on the other side of the world.
Using the 4ARTapp, any artist can create a profile and radically simplify this process.
Nicoletta can now focus on her unique pieces and what inspires her, while we sort out the paperwork.
Join Nicoleta and download 4ARTapp on the iOS App Store using the link in our profile.
You can also visit our profile on social media or our website to find more information about the app, or simply learn more about
all the different options 4ARTapp has to offer.
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Eine Symbiose zwischen Kunst und Ambiente


Das Berliner Unternehmen Kaiser Inneneinrichtungen ist ein bundesweit agierendes Designbüro für Raumdesign und Innenausbau zusammen mit dem
Tochterunternehmen Kaiser Investmentbau. Monika und Kacper Kaiser führen das Unternehmen in zweiter Generation
seit 2015 und entwickeln für ihre Kunden ganzheitliche Lösungen und Konzepte.
Die verwendeten Materialien sind wesentliche Bestandteile für hochwertigstes Ambiente und um ein einzigartiges Wohnambiente zu schaffen,
gehört neben der individuellen Einrichtung auch die passende Kunst dazu. Eine Symbiose zwischen Kunst und Design!
Was lag also näher als mit einer renommierten Künstlerin zusammen zu arbeiten, deren individuellen Bilder sich harmonisch und eigenständig
in das jeweilige entsprechende Raumensemble eingliedern lassen.
nicoletaberlinart und Kaiser-Raumdesign im Kontext:





Impressionen zu Kaiser-Raumdesign




Originally from Romania, Nicoleta Albei-Wigger has called Berlin home for
over 25 years. Her works are mostly acrylic paintings, dealing with the movements of life and people.
These ideas are drawn from her own personal experience and manifest themselves in her art through an
explosion of dark and radiant tones, which many consider the most beguiling feature of her artwork.
Like us, Nicoleta believes that art should be saved in the form of a digital fingerprint.
Using 4ARTapp, artists like Nicoleta can create a forgery-proof biometric passport for each of their artworks.
As soon as the original piece has been saved in our database and the 4ARTpassport has been created, artists,
collectors and galleries can distinguish the original artwork from a forgery in just a few seconds.
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Artist: Nicoleta Berlin Art



Verführung zwischen Kunst und Design


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